Zoya Ravitch
Gender Female
Date of Birth -
First Appearance - Vehement V. Vigorous
Last Appearance - Cats! Cats! Cats!
Aliases/Nicknames {{{alias}}}
Occupation -
Number of episodes -
Relatives Dimitri Ravitch (brother)
Portrayed by - Olga Sosnovska

Zoya is the bisexual cell mate of Nancy Botwin. She was in jail for arson (allegedly tied her ex-boyfriend to a bed and set him on fire). When Nancy gets out of jail, Zoya makes a "deal" which results in a shortened sentence. When Zoya is released from prison she follows Nancy to New York City, gets controlling and tries to strike up a relationship with her. In the middle of Season Seven Zoya flees New York for Vermont where she will "wait for Nancy" to avoid being framed for arson and sent back to prison.

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