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Nancy visits Audra's clinic and complains of being surrounded by the smell of men. Ignacio helps Shane steal his pot back, but Shane also steals other items and kills a cockatoo as a penalty. Nancy forces Shane to make restitution. Silas and Doug find a supplier for their pot store. Celia, who is squatting in Nancy's garage, discovers Sucio's body. Andy pushes Nancy to have an abortion and flee to Copenhagen. Andy has a creepy date with Margaret that ending with sex to access the money in Judah's account and make his plan possible. Nancy and Shane move into Esteban's house after she writes Andy a Dear John letter.

Cast and CrewEdit

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Directed By:
Bethany Rooney

Written By:
Stephen Falk

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Preceded by
"Super Lucky Happy"
Season Five Episodes Followed by
"A Modest Proposal"

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