Valerie Scottson
Gender Female
Date of Birth -
First Appearance The Two Mrs. Scottsons
Last Appearance Cankles
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Occupation Nurse
Number of episodes 4
Relatives Peter Scottson (ex-husband)
Tim Scottson (son)
Portrayed by Brooke Smith

Valerie Scottson is the ex-wife of Peter Scottson, from whom, she has a son, Tim. After Peter's death, Nancy followed her around, rousing her suspicion. Valerie confronted Nancy, and they got off to a rocky start considering their places in Peter's life. For a short period of time, the girls become friends despite Andy's advising Nancy not to. When Nancy is given insurance money from Peter, Valerie gets angry and threatens Nancy and her family. After this whole mess, their friendship is destroyed and Valerie is not been seen again.