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Weeds creator Jenji Kohan has talked to Entertainment Weekly about season 7, which is about to premiere on Monday, giving us some spoilers on the upcoming episodes. If you don't want to know anything about what's coming, don't read any further!

As you probably know, the season will start with Nancy coming out of prison after three years. Here's what Kohan has to say about this decision:

It was a huge decision. It was a huge decision for us because we usually start the next minute [after the season ends] and everyone yells at us because Shane’s grown 8 inches and it’s technically only two hours later. But this year, it was really a matter of “Do we want to do prison?” Did we want to go into the minutiae of her talking about Esteban’s business? Or did we want to explore witness protection? And none of those areas were things we were particularly enchanted with when we were breaking the season. So we figured, let’s just catch up to where they are and let’s just proceed from there. Prison, in a lot of ways, is lost time. It is, they call it, sitting in stir. We wanted to see her active and with her people, and it would have been two shows in one, I think.

Do you wonder whether the prison somehow changed Nancy and made her renounce her old ways? Or did it just make her better at what she was arrested for?

Um, I don’t know if she’s ever better at it because I think with any criminal activity, you fly by the seat of your pants. There’s no agenda; there’s no minutes on the board meeting that day. You have to figure it out as you go, and circumstances can change so quickly. I’m sure she got tips and leads on things while she was in prison, but it’s a seat-of-your-pants kind of occupation, and that’s what she loves. I think she’ll just keep seeing what she can do.

We've also learned about some new characters and the actors who play them. Martin Short will portray Nancy's attorney, while Aidan Quinn is her new potential love interest. Does that mean it's over between Nancy and Andy? We'll see soon! Who would you like her to hook up with?

Read the whole thing at Entertainment Weekly. And don't forget to participate in our Weeds Giveaway!

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