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Une Mere que j'aimerais baiser

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Une Mere que j'aimerais baiser
Weeds episode
Season 7
Episode no. 7
Written by Carly Mensch
Directed by Scott Ellis
Guest stars -
Original airdate: August 8, 2011
Episode Chronology
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"System Overhead" "Qualitative Spatial Reasoning"


Nancy rebrands her product as "Une Mere que j'aimerais baiser", (French for MILF) and rejects merging with Pouncy House, knowing that they will be raided in the near future. Silas accuses Nancy of being too controlling and making him her employee. Denny and Emma are arrested during the raid on Pouncy House. Silas starts his own syndicate.

Memorable QuotesEdit

""Consider me the competition. Everything is up for grabs." -Silas to Nancy

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