Tim Scottson
Gender Male
Date of Birth -
First Appearance The Punishment Light
Last Appearance See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die
Aliases/Nicknames {{{alias}}}
Occupation Student
Number of episodes 6
Relatives Peter Scottson (father)
Valerie Scottson (mother)
Portrayed by Daryl Sabara

Tim Scottson is the son of the late Peter Scottson and Valerie Scottson. He attended karate lessons, where he fought Shane Botwin, who bit his foot. Scottson later comes back at the end seventh season as the sniper who tries to asasinate Nancy Botwin. It is shown that the reason he shot her was because he believed that it was Nancy's fault that Peter had been killed and while watching her in a coma at night he says "This was suppose to make me feel better but it does not." His last appearance is the final episode where he is Nancy Botwin's assistant.

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