Nancy confronts Andy over his having sex with Jill. Andy suggests that Nancy is angry because she secretly likes him and she makes a weak denial. Esteban meets Nancy's family. Testing confirms Nancy carries his son and he invites the Botwins to move in with him. Ignacio becomes Nancy's bodyguard and captures Capt. Till who has sworn to kill those who killed Agent Schlatter. Nancy then incapacitates Ignacio and holds both of them hostage. Realizing this situation must end with one of them dying, she reluctantly turns Till into Esteban who has Till murdered. Celia asks for Nancy's permission to move into the Ren Mar house; Nancy rebuffs her. Andy finds Judah's passbook for a bank account worth $186,000. Unfortunately, the female bank teller, Margaret, was heartbroken by Judah years ago. In exchange for granting Andy access to the account, he will take Margaret on a date as Judah. Doug and Silas find rental space for their store. Shane's teacher steals a large quantity of pot from him.

Cast and CrewEdit

Main CastEdit

Supporting CastEdit


Directed By:
Scott Ellis

Written By:
Ron Fitzgerald

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Season Five Episodes Followed by
"Van Nuys"

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