Pilar Zuazo
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Gender Female
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First Appearance A Modest Proposal
Last Appearance All About My Mom
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Occupation Powerful Politician
Number of episodes 5
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Portrayed by Kate del Castillo

Pilar Zuazo is a powerful Mexican politician who owns a lot of favors. She hated Nancy Botwin for her interference in Esteban's political career. She is the primary antagonist for season five


Pilar's first appearance was when she stormed in at Esteban's house after his engagement to Nancy. She went past Nancy and straight to Estaban yelling angrily at him in Spanish. After storming back out in high-heeled stilettoes with her bodyguard, Esteban tells Nancy that they cannot get married. Pilar says that dating a foreigner would ruin his political career and would cost him his election. It was revelead that he will be running for governor.


Pilar is highly invested in Esteban's flying political career. When she learns that Esteban has proposed to Nancy, she makes her first appearance in the show by yelling at Esteban, before storming off and Esteban cancelling the wedding. She had Esteban prepare a delivery room for Nancy at home so that was 'Off the grid'. However, Nancy defied this with Andy's help and went to her doctor. Pilar's second appearance was when she is seen rocking the newly born, by then unnamed Steven Botwin and who she called a "little milk ball [...] who would end a career of a very promising politician". Later it was revealed that it was she who ordered a hit on Nancy. However, this attempt failed and led to Shane being shot on his upper left arm.


Pilar confronted Nancy at the end of Season 5 by the pool during her party. She revealed that she knew about Nancy's attempt at trying to kill her. She gave Nancy a tip that next time, she should hire someone who does not work for her and does not have a grudge for being ratted out—pertaining to Guillermo and Nancy telling the DEA about the tunnel. She threatens to kill Silas and Shane for Esteban's campaign as a grieving mother would help score votes. An accidental 'car crash' or 'airplane crash', perhaps. Out of nowhere, Shane hits her on the head with a croquet mallet which led to her being thrown into the pool, bleeding. Shane quoted "I couldn't find a golf club."

Soon after, her body was discovered in the pool by some drunk men at the party who dared one another to jump in the pool which it was a very long amount of time until this which means she had either drowned or was dead from the croquet mallet.