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Peter Scottson
Gender Male
Date of Birth -
First Appearance The Punishment Light
Last Appearance Pittsburgh
Aliases/Nicknames {{{alias}}}
Occupation DEA Agent
Number of episodes 14
Relatives Valerie Scottson (ex-wife)
Nancy Botwin (wife)
Tim Scottson (son)
Portrayed by Martin Donovan

Peter Scottson was a DEA agent who met Nancy during their children's karate class. Shortly after Shane bit Peter's son during a match, Nancy began apologizing, leading Peter to ask her to dinner. Though they hit it off, the dinner did not go as planned, the children, who were forced to come, were behaving poorly. Despite her sons' reactions and dislikes towards Peter, Nancy began to date Peter. She soon found out he was a DEA agent and attempted to break up with him. However, he surprised her when he confessed about already knowing she was a drug dealer. He said that he would protect her and they married in Las Vegas so that if she ever got caught he would not have to testify against her. Peter, picked up on the tension between Nancy and Conrad and become irritated and jealous of the two.

Later on, Nancy did not have feelings for Peter and when he realized this he threatend her unless she handed over all of her profits. She did as she was told until she heard the news that Peter was shot in the head and killed. He was the primary antagonist of season 2.

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