Silas Botwin confronts Nancy about the identity of his true father. Heylia James and Nancy wind up in a violent shootout but they eventually speak peacefully and she agrees to supply Nancy. Silas agrees to live with Heylia. Shane begins taking criminal justice classes and impresses his professor.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Nancy: You’re not dumb. Yeah, Shane got other things, but you’re sweet and so good-looking and not a murderer, which puts you squarely in the lead. So yeah, I kept you in the dark for much of your life but you gave me stretch marks, so we’re even.
Shane: I don't believe in you. You have no business plan. This is a terrible location for foot traffic and you don't even know if the wheel is street legal in the United States.
Nancy (to Heylia): Don't you wanna know why I was in prison?
Heylia: Involuntary dumbassery? First degree stepping in s**t you can't handle?
Nancy: Be the man.
Silas: Be the mom.
Dean: Gotta revel in your youth, Silas. Get crabs every once and awhile. Stop being a p***y.

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