Kiku Logan
Kiku Logan
Gender Female
Date of Birth {{{dob}}}
First Appearance From Trauma Cometh Something
Last Appearance Red in Tooth and Claw
Aliases/Nicknames {{{alias}}}
Occupation Talent scout for Logan Modelling Agency
Number of episodes 6
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Portrayed by Kat Foster

Kiku Logan is a talent scout and talent scout at Logan Modelling Agency. Silas approached Kiku for a modelling job. She was reluctant to take Silas on as a client as he was younger and less muscular than most New York Models; despite this, she managed to get him a one time gig as an underwear model.

Kiku met with with Silas at a underground fight club. Silas said he needed male models because he was starting a face business cream. Kiku said she noticed he offered Weed to half her clients. Silas offered to split the profits with Kiku, and she agreed to help him if he boxed in the ring and lose, so she could win a bet. Silas only agreed after Kiku offered him fifteen male models for his business, but he still won when his opponent insulted him. Kiku liked what she saw from Silas, and agreed to make an exception even though she didn't hold up her end of the bargain. Kiku alienated Silas when she made a comment about what she would do someone if she had them naked and tied up.

Silas' mother, Nancy Botwin, later recruited Kiku to help restructure her business. After Nancy was shot, Kiku went to see Silas because she was running out of weed. The meeting quickly turned pleasurable as Kiku found herself gagged, stripped to her lingerie, and tied to a spanking horse. Kiku tried to talk to business with Silas, but he spanked her every time she went to talk, which she found pleasurable.

One of Kiku's clients referred her to a friend that sells a special kind of Weed in Staten Island, but found the guy wouldn't let her leave. Kiku called Nancy on Silas' phone to ask if Nancy had recovered and if she could help her. Nancy said she was spending time with her kid, and Kiku asked if she should buy Bubble hash. Nancy told her no, but Kiku's phone kept cutting out, so Nancy went to Staten Island to help her.

Kiku needed a friend on what would have been her dad's sixtieth birthday and called Nancy. When Nancy didn't answer her calls, Kiku got drunk, and ended having an orgy with three of Demitri's friends who all wore glasses like her dad. Nancy found this all out when she asked Kiku to buy her out of the business.