Zooey Deschanel
Gender Female
Date of Birth -
First Appearance Mile Deep And A Foot Wide
Last Appearance Doing The Backstroke
Aliases/Nicknames {{{alias}}}
Occupation Unemployeed
Number of episodes 4
Relatives -
Portrayed by Zooey Deschanel

Kat Wheeler is the ex-girlfriend of Andy Botwin's while he was living in Alaska. He left when she stabbed him with an icicle for stepping on her spirit animal. This motivated Andy move in with the Botwin family in Agrestic.


Kat's first appearance was when she rang the doorbell at the Botwin's house in Agrestic and invited herself in. Shane asked if she was the one who stabbed his Uncle Andy. Turns out that she was the "crazy chick from Alaska" Andy was talking about.

She stayed with the Botwin's for days at which point Nancy gets frustrated. "Just because you're crazy and we're crazy, does not mean we're related".


Kat is a crazy kleptomaniac who wrote a book about her adventures with Andy. Her reason for visiting was to ask Andy to sign a consent form giving her permission to publish facts about him. It turns out that their 'adventure' consisted mostly of illegal activities.

It was later revealed that Abumchuk was not her jealous ex-boyfriend but a bounty hunter. She stole more than a million's worth of poker chips and he has been tracking her down since. During Shane's graduation, she ran off with Andy's van and kidnapped Shane when Abumchuk was close to getting her.

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