Judah Botwin
Gender Male
Date of Birth -
First Appearance Free Goat
Last Appearance Dead In The Nethers
Aliases/Nicknames {{{alias}}}
Occupation Dead Guy
Number of episodes 2
Relatives Nancy (wife)
Silas (son not biological)
Shane (son)
Andy (brother)
Lenny Botwin (father)
Portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Judah M. Botwin was Nancy Botwin's husband and the father of Shane. He died suddenly of a heart attack while out with Shane. He had been married to Nancy since 1988. According to his gravestone, he lived from 1964-2005.

Trivia: Judah's brother Andy states that among Judah's favorite things were: Chicken Parmesan, Willy Wonka (The Original), Piñatas, and Lap dances.Edit

  • Judah designed roller coasters for a living.
  • Went through a "tortured artist" phase to get laid.  Although his performance art attracts Nancy and wins her love, he switches to study engineering so they can settle into a typical middle-class lifestyle.
  • Andy states that before Judah met Nancy he: was The Golden Boy, a Mother's Dream. Ambitious, Athletic and Hardworking, and didn't smell as good.
  • Received naked pictures of Nancy when their relationship first started that her son Shane ended up pleasuring himself also.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Mary Louise-Parker Dated but broke up soon after

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