"God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise" is the eleventh episode of Season Eight of Weeds.


Nancy, Andy and Silas are back in Regrestic. Silas meets Megan at a museum and after telling her that it was his fault that she got pregnant years ago, they realize that they are still in love with each other and decide that Megan will go back to Connecticut with them. Andy tries to get back Yael but she doesn't even remember him that's why he gets very depressive. Nancy has to persuade Conrad and Guillermo to help her to grow MILF again. In the meantime Doug decides to ground sect because him was said that he will be a great leader in the future. Shane got arrested and have the chance to reveal Mitch but he would rather give up being a policeman than to be traitor but finally it turns out that is was just a trial. At Conrad's wedding Silas tells Nancy that Megan is coming back with them. Nancy persuaded the sad Andy to go outside. At the spot where Judah died he says her that he can't move on so and that he won't go back with them to Connecticut. She kisses him. He thinks about it, but lets her. She kisses him again and he decides to go for it. They feverishly tear at each other's clothes and end up on the yard having fast, furious sex. When it's over he kisses her gently, then gets up and runs off. She screams after him but he doesn't return.

Cast and CrewEdit

Main CastEdit

Supporting CastEdit


Directed By: Uta Briesewitz

Written By: Stephen Falk

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