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Esteban Reyes
Gender Male
Date of Birth
First Appearance No Man Is Pudding
Last Appearance Theoretical Love is not Dead
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Occupation Drug Dealer
Arms Dealer
Mayor of Tijuana
Number of episodes 27
Relatives Adelita Reyes (Daughter)

Steven Ray Botwin (Son)

Portrayed by Demián Bichir

Esteban Carlos Reyes (1960-2012)


When Nancy could not resist going through the tunnel, she ended up in Mexico and saw high profile men in suits. One of them was Esteban who she described as a "very attractive man".That she fell in love with and later had a baby with.


An archetypal mexican elite, Reyes comes from Mexico City and attended Columbia University. In 1990, he bought the largest zoo in Mexico. He moved to Tijuana in 1995 to build and manage a casino. He now additionally owns three malls and five hotels. He was elected mayor in 2004 and created the Esteban Reyes Foundation which provides scholarships to impoverished children. He once dated actress Elizabeth Hurley. He has three daughters, Cyrelle, Melia and Adelita. They now live in France with their mother and stepfather.

He was involved a romantic relationship with Nancy Botwin from mid-Season 4 until the end of season 4, ending when Nancy betrayed his business interests to the DEA. At the end of Season 4, he learned she was pregnant with his child. He marries Nancy Botwin in Season 5 and runs for governor of the state. In Season 7 it is revealed that he was stabbed and killed in prison.


  • Esteban is afraid of heights
  • His anglicized name is Stephen Kings

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