Esteban Reyes
Gender Male
Date of Birth Esteban in the zodiac is Taurus
First Appearance No Man Is Pudding
Last Appearance Theoretical Love is not Dead
Aliases/Nicknames el Zero BX
Occupation Drug Dealer
Arms Dealer
Mayor of Tijuana
Number of episodes 27
Relatives Adelita Reyes (Daughter)

Steven Ray Botwin (Son) Nancy Botwin (Wife) shane botwin (stepson) silas botwin (stepson

Portrayed by Demián Bichir Zero BX

Esteban Carlos Reyes (1960-2012)

He was Nancy's 3rd Husband.


Esteban Reyes was a politician, drug kingpin, and gangster. Esteban is introduced when Nancy goes in the tunnel and starts looking around. She peaks inside an underground room and sees Esteban with cesar and many other men. Nancy later said that Estaban was a Taurus (Season 7).

Esteban becomes an antagonist towards the end of season 4 because Nancy snitched to the DEA about his tunnel to mexico because he was trafficking women, guns and other drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Esteban and Nancy's relationship become awkward in season 5 because she snitched on his tunnel. Eventually, Nancy runs away with Andy and the kids. to seattle to avoid esteban and cesar.

Things become really bad in season 6 because at the end of season 5, Shane Botwin killed Pilar with a mallet to save nancy. Pilar fell over and died in a swimming pool. after nancy put the pool cover over her body