Nancy Botwin is back after spending three years in jail. She is in New York City in a halfway house. She learns that Esteban Reyes has been killed. Stevie Ray Botwin is being taken care of by Jill Price-Gray, who does not want Nancy to have custody, but agrees to let her speak to Stevie through a webcam. On behest of Zoya, her lover and cellmate, she takes possession of a large amount of military-grade weapons. The rest of the family is back after living in Copenhagen for a while. Silas Botwin has little interest in seeing Nancy, but he is willing to come to America to start up his modeling career.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "She's just going to f*ck you up again." - Silas to Shane
  • "We're going to America. Land of hot sauce and catastrophic wealth imbalance."-Andy

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